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What got us Laffing?

Laffs were born and bred in the foothills of Alberta. We are fun-loving, young and young at heart people. We love having a great time with friends, exploring and appreciating the awesome moments life brings. Lakes, rivers, boats, bikes, boards, skis, mountains, BBQ’s and bonfires, these are what we live for.


We've been raised fun, always being told, "it's not a rehearsal and to live every moment to its fullest." HAVSUM Laffs is about embracing these moments, no time wasted mixing drinks, feeling bloated or getting bogged down on sugar. We wanted to create a brand and beverage that captures this feel good feeling. How can one look at that smile and not smile back? How can one ask a pal if they want to go HAVSUM Laffs and not be energized even before the first can is cracked? We want to be a part of these amazing moments of sharing, celebrating and socializing.

Can't wait to HAVSUM Laffs with you,


The Original Laffers'

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